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Salus SQ610 Zigbee smart thermostat


I try to join a Salus SQ610 thermostat but the process appears to cycle. With the GUI is can see that joining is started, than a lot of "unrecognized" messages and at the end the device is leaving, subsequently joining is started again and this goes on for ever. Any ideas for a solution?

Best regards,


I don't know if that is that one is working as the VS20WRF, but I have spent sometime analysing the Salus protocole and I just gave up.

Basically the HUB/Zigate has to do a write attribute during the pairing process otherwise the device will just leave. Then the main issue is that the ALL thermostat is managed via a Manufacturer Specific Cluster composed of its own attribute and its own command

I beleive in order for Salus to stay in their ecoSystem, there is no reason that one will be différent.

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