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Problems connection to a Frient SMS ZB 120 smokedetector


I keep getting errors from my just bought and connected Frient SMS ZB 120 smokedetector.

Tried to reset it, but the device is still there in Zigate with a Left status. So that doesn't help me.

Please help

Time "03/10/2021 11:48:55"
Module "Cluster"
nwkid "a994"
PluginHealth "Ready"
message "Legrand unknown device SMSZB-120 Value: 00006f0018000100"
Duration 0
Starttime 1633255095
Thread "ZiGateForwarder_108"
Version "3"
ZDeviceName ""
Status "inDB"
SQN "4e"
Heartbeat "49962"
RIA "1"
LQI 59
Battery 100
Model "SMSZB-120"
MacCapa "00"
IEEE "0015bc0031009bc9"
Type "Switch/Door/Voltage/AlarmWD"
ProfileID "0104"
ZDeviceID "0302"
App Version ""
DeviceType "RFD"
HW Version ""
LogicalType "End Device"
Manufacturer ""
Manufacturer Name "frient A/S"
NbEp "3"
PowerSource ""
ReceiveOnIdle ""
Stack Version ""
ZCL Version "1"
Health "Live"
ConfigSource "8043"
SWBUILD_1 "20210526 03:06"
IASBattery 100
ConsistencyCheck "ok"
CheckParam false
PairingInProgress false
Max Buffer Size "00"
Max Rx "0000"
Max Tx "0000"
MsgClusterId "000f"
MsgSrcEp "23"
MsgAttrID "0055"
MsgAttType "10"
MsgAttSize "0001"
MsgClusterData "00006f0018000100"
LastLog 442
StartTime "30/09/2021 10:41:57"
FirmwareVersion "0320"
FirmwareMajorVersion "05"



Looks like you are on Domoticz, please use one of the Domoticz forum for that.
In between I have push an update on the plugin beta branch




I am new to Zigate. Of course I am willing to help you with the future support of the Frient Smokedetector. I have a heat detector of them as well.

Is it possible to communicatie through email about this. I am not sure in what forum to work. And the french language makes it harder 🙂


Best regards,


Please feel free to chat with me on (I'm busy today), but will respond in English

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