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Phyton Zigate Library Instable

Hi Everyone!

I would like to give help understanding what about happening with my project here. I'll describe below all those environments about my problem.

I working on this:

Zigate Pi v1 - firmware: 3.23, I also tested with 3.0e firmware version and i have seen the same behavior.

raspberry pi 3

Linux: Raspbian / Debian GNU/Linux" V11

Python Zigate Library: 0.40.12 - 2021:

Problem description:

Note: My program python has a good connection with pi/pizigate, in the first moment I had some connection problems but I solve them after making some configurations in the user group and tty priority.

A wrote python program to get devices on zigate zigbee table and save all those devices connected in the Python data frame.

Sometimes I got all those characteristics from these devices like a device ZCL name, Nwk, IEEE Addr and etc. Before doing it I got a list of devices that can see below:

printout of device command:

[Device   (f277) 00137a0000039993, LUMI lumi.vibration.aq1 (c0a7) 00158d00032cabba, Compacta ZBHT-2(1015C) (76c2) 00137a0000039993, Compacta International, Ltd ZBMPlug15 (42ad) 000b520 000006f54]

some times, devices have a generic name "Device" and sometimes devices that have made perfect attachment procedures like ZBHT-2(1015C) changes and came to be called Device . As you can see below:

[(Device (f277) 00137a0000039993), (Device (2be8) 00158d00032cabba), (Device (76c2) 00137a0000039993), (Device (42ad) 000b520000006f54), ( Device (bb26) 000b520000 00499e), (Device(9a8e)00158d00032cabba)]

As you can see the Deive ZBHT-2(1015C) / nwk 76c2 now can be seen as a Device.


When I tested with firmware version 3.0e I have seen this message error in the log screen!

"Device not found , create it (this isn't normal) IEEE is missing for 42ad, please pair it again!"

Someone can help to understand and solve it?

it appears that we have python library ( Python Zigate Library: 0.40.12 ) incompatibility with zigate firmware!



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