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New firmware 2.0


Did the flashing on my windows 10 pc last night with the new 2.0 firmware. What a nice improvement this is!

Domoticz started up and now I don't get the crc errors anymore, not even after a few hours.
the on and off switching of my wall plugs was fast , just as fast as using the USB ttl. Nice!!

So I decided to keep it running for a few days to check and see how it works and performs now.
Sorry to say that after a few hours (started in the middle of the night) the zigate went haywire.

After a few hours of running on the wifi module the domoticz log is flooded with these messages:

Error: (Zigate) onHeartbeat receive, but no connection to Zigate

When openening the webpage of the zigate wifi I see the banner on top, but nothing else.
When pinging the zigate wifi ip address I get an answer sometimes. Then a hole while nothing and then answer again on my ping.
I am waiting on my wife now to unplug the wifi and place it back in the adapter. The adapter is good and stable. 5V 2,5 A (I meassured this)

So it was really a nice improvement in the beginning, but after a while it went haywire. Nothing to do anymore with the zigate.
Wifi in my house is rock stable and 100% coverage in my house. (its my job 🙂 ) so I can rule that out as a maybe situation.

Wanted to inform you about this, maybe there is some tweaking or tuning possible???


Even after a power off (remove from adapter) and placing it back, the Wifi is still intermitted. It is responding, and then a while not and then again etc etc


I think it's, for the moment, normal. TCP connection have a 5 min timeout. When there are no packets during 5 min. The connection fall. To fix this issue, we have to develop a keepalive system. I sent a wifi module to pipiche (domoticz developer) to test and add the feature.

Thanks a lot for your return.


No problem , love to test and troubleshoot.

I am also in contact with pipiche and are doing some testing. Hope we can pinpoint the issue. Never had a working stable wifi zigate so far. Looked really promissing last evening, and then the night came 🙂

As Domoticz Plugin is concerned, we have put in place a keep alive and a reConnect in case of connection lost . This has now been pushed to the beta branch, please feel free to switch to this branch, this should fix your problem.

Now as regards to the pure IP/Wifi instability either it is a side effect that there is no more communication link or it is something else.

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