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Can I send orders to the wifi zigate outside of my LAN?

Hi guys,

I  hesitate between buying a USB zigate coupled to an old server of mine ( or old raspberry) and a Wifi zigate.

My hesitation comes from the fact that if possible I'd prefer to use a Wifi zigate and control it from a dedicated server I have on the internet.

Let's assume I use jeedom installed on a virtual machine of my remote server, will it be able to communicate with the zigate without problem ( of course i'll create whatever needed NAT rules on my internet box) ?

I just want to be sure that there's no special traffic that could come from jeedom software that can only transit on the LAN (like broadcast and so on...)

Maybe this discussion should be created at jeedom forum (then i'll just do it), but I wanted to know if anyone of you is already doing this configuration.

Thanks in advance for your help 🙂

From my understanding (I'm on the Domoticz side and using the corresponding plugin), the connection between the Zigate and the plugin over WiFi is only based on TCP.

Basically there is a TCP session open at the begining and then all traffic goes there.

The only constraint is a Timeout after which if no traffic then the session is closed by the Wifi Zigate module

Now, it would be better to check the Jeedom guys

Thanks a lot for your feedback pipiche !

Actually I don't have any preference between jeedom or domiticz , never used any of them.

I'll try Domoticz as soon as I receive my Wifi Zigate and give you a feedback 😀

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I received my wifi zigate and set it up without issue.

Installed domoticz on my LAN for now, once the zigate added I can see a tcp connection from my domoticz to the zigate.


Once I move my domoticz server online I'll only need to set up NAT on my internet router (since the connection is done FROM domoticz TO zigate).

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